What is Tamarack?

Cover photo of the first Tamarack Magazine

Tamarack is the short hand of the Tamarack club, a program orchestrated by Mackenzie High School in Deep River, ON, in which grade 11 and 12 students spend a semester together as a group with only one teacher. The program can be taken in place of obtaining three senior level credits in environmental sciences, physical education and english.

Tamarack aims for its students to gain appreciation and learn more about the history of the Upper Ottawa Valley through the people who have lived their lives in the area and recreational activities related to the past. The Tamarack Magazine is the accompaniment to everything the students learn each semester the program runs and acts a great source of documentation for not only their accomplishments but for others outside the program to learn more about local history.

The School House Museum is fortunate enough to have access to some of the earliest issues of the magazine and is proud to share them with you! The Rolph, Buchanan, Wylie and McKay Historical Society would like to thank all who donated Tamarack magazines to us and John Wright for transferring all the Tamarack archives online.



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