Cow Paddy Bingo

Friendly reminder that Cow Paddy Bingo is only a short while away! On September 20th on the back field of the School House Museum, players will have the opportunity to win up to $1150 in prize money.

Tickets are still being sold in Deep River in front of Jan’s Valu-mart and Giant Tiger up until the day of the event for $5 a ticket. Tickets can also be purchased by contacting members of the RBWM Historical Society. For more information on the event, call (613) 584 – 2917 or email

RBWM Historical Society Members
  • Dianne Lemire
    • (613) 639 – 7647
  • Margaret-Ann Hanlon
    • (613) 584 – 2104
  • Heather Gutzman
    • (613) 401 – 7557

Never participated in Cow Paddy Bingo before and are unsure of what it is? In essence Cow Paddy Bingo is a real life adaptation of one of the world’ s most famous games. The cow used to play Cow Paddy Bingo is let loose on the cow field behind the museum, a field that is divided up into squares of equal sizes. When you buy a ticket for Cow Paddy Bingo, you are buying the rights to a square of land on the cow field.

The rest is up to the cow. Throughout the day, the cow is monitored until they “produce a patty” on the field. If the cow’s business lands in your square, you won Cow Paddy Bingo and its attached prizes!


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