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The history of the main building of the School House Museum is extensive and incredibly interesting. Before the museum was ever thought of, the same plot of land used to occupy a school house. This relatively small building taught grades 1 – 8. The school house stopped operating as such in 1948. From there, the building swapped hands multiple times.

For many years, it was left uninhabited, until the property was bought and converted into a living space where many families circulated throughout. The school house stopped being used as a home in 1989 when the RBWM Historical Society bought the property and converted it to become what we now recognize as the main building of the School House Museum.

After being bought and transformed for the purposes of the museum, the original school house unfortunately burnt down in 2006, but was rebuilt in 2008 to what visitors recognize today as the school house building. To commemorate the journey of this building, we’re adding to our colouring page collection with this adaptation of the original school house building. This is a craft perfect for kids. Try it out and share your success with us on our Facebook page!

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