Coppsville/Clarksville aka Chalk River

The Upper Ottawa Valley is a greatly diverse area in terms of population and industry. Not too far from where the School House Museum is located resides the small town of Chalk River, a town synonymous with Canada’s nuclear industry thanks to its close proximity to the head office of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories located just on the outskirts of Chalk River.

Despite its ties to the nuclear industry, Chalk River has much more to offer than engineers and reactors. At one point in time, it was a vibrant centre in Ontario, largely credited to its farming and lumber industries and the construction of their Canadian Pacific Railway Station, the only stopping point between Ottawa and North Bay for many years.

Coppsville/Clarksville aka Chalk River explores the history, clarifies misconceptions and debunks all the mysteries surrounding this small corner of the universe. Click here to access the full virtual exhibit.

The Rolph, Buchanan, Wylie and McKay Historical Society would like to thank all members of the public who assisted us in this endeavour, both from their family snapshot albums and from their personal memories.

We wish to thank local historian Mr. Maurice Blimkie for his granting of unlimited access to his 1979 publication, “Historical Account Of The Village of Chalk River.” In this book Mr. Blimkie documented a wide range of facets of the community’s past. We hope to draw upon these threads of history, expand upon then, and extend them into the present day.


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